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Willys Hotchkiss JeepsWillys Hotchkiss Jeeps

Willys jeep gets a refresh

It is time to refresh the Willys jeep.

We dropped the sump and cleaned it out, but found virtually no sediment at all, showing it has had regular oils changes throughout its life - good news.

The carb was replaced - we took off the old leaking carter carb and put on a new solex straight from the box.  We cleaned out the fuel bowl and put an 'inline' fuel filter discreetly to ensure no contamination of the fuel going to the carb.  The top comes off the fuel pump easily and it was cleaned out as well.

The fuel bowl had sediment and after investigation it showed up a slightly mucky fuel tank.  This was replaced with a new tank.

The gearbox and transfer box were drained and again the oil was very clear - so no concerns.  The oil was also dropped out the front and rear diff and checked.  We replaced the oils seals in the box and axles - so no leaks moving forward.

Off came the wheels and the brake shoes and pistons were inspected.  The pistons moved freely and had no sign of leaks or corrosion (the two usually go hand in hand. The brake shoes pivot on two bolts at the bottom of the brake back plate.  These usually dry out and don't allow the brake shoe to relax back to its 'off position'. A quick squirt of brake cleaning fluid and a tiny amount of light oil and things were back freely moving again.

The drivers side shoes were contaminated with fluid, but the cylinder was new - so someone had fixed a leak, but hadn't gone the whole hog and replaced the shoes.  If the brakes shoes get contaminated they start to grab and then break up.  You can burn off the fluid if its a brief contamination with a blow torch, but years of soaking only mean one thing!  New shoes.  After all your life will depend upon it!

The next job was a strip down and removal of the awful rear 60's plastic lights (the French are obsessed with fitting these!) and the original holes opened back up.

The body is now undergoing a sand down.

If you look carefully you can see US markings under the paint (!) and the front grille was painted white and green to indicated this had been used as a Circulation Routiere in a previous life.

More updates to come..

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