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First outing for SUMB and M201

This month was the first outing for the SUMB and Hotchkiss to a recent vehicle meet.

The Hotchkiss is a later radio vehicle and still sports its original markings and fixing attachments for the radios.  It is finished in three colour nato, which appears to have been sprayed over a lighter nato green which in turn was applied to the original factory dark 'hotchkiss' green.

The SUMB has been repaired and ran faultlessly, with the jeep in tow on a trailer. We have had a tow bar fitted to the lorry to replace the nato hook - this allows many more possibilities in the way of towing than before.

The SUMB being an early 1959 model created much interest with many who have not seen one of these French lorries before, many comparisons were made to the layout and chassis construction of the Mercedes unimog.

The SUMB was taken 'off road' and performed well over undulations and steep inclines.  It out performed a Series 2 Landrover that struggled over some sharp trenches.

The fuel consumption was excellent returning just over 20miles per gallon!

The vehicle is now set up ready for WAR and PEACE - come and see us in the living history area, second column in from the left! French Army Reenactment Group

See you there!

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