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FARG at War and Peace 2009

The FARG attended the War and Peace show this year.

This is the second W&P show we have attended. The site we were given was unfortunately covered by another re enactment group - therefore we were placed next to the Rolling Thunder Vietnam re enactment.

Rolling Thunder made us very welcome and we shared stories (and weapons!) to make a very enjoyable show.

We displayed the SUMB, one Hotchkiss M201 and had guest vehicles; a 50's ambulance, another couple of Hotchkiss M201 and Andy Carters 106sr.

We created a dug out and showed the scenario of a radio OP and defended it with two FM's and various MAS rifles.

The display was extremely popular, especially with many French visitors who showed us many drills, and how to effectively use our kit in the field (e.g. use of rifle grenade)

We also recruited two new group members who will be with us next year.

There was also great interest by Reenactment magazine writers, as we are the only French Group in the UK.

The pictures to the right show our scenarios;

1. One member of the group radio in to the local mortar platoon to ask for assitance at the GP as its attacked.

2. The OP makes observations of enemy activity as the sun beats down

3. On patrol - the gun man sweats carrying the FM - we have a lot of respect after carrying this weapon for three days!  Our member here at least raises a smile - carrying the FM with correct sling and a full mag - very heavy - we dubbed the gun 'the beast'.

4. Following on from help given by french serving conscripts - we attempt to fire a rilfe grenade in accordance with proceedures.  This is a rare sight as these rifle grenades are very thin on the ground!

5. In all round defence whilst on patrol. Utilising the MAS gas operated rifle and the FM - all kit is authentic

6 & 7. Moving through a thicket as would be found on moutain sides high up in the Algerian Atlas mountains.  Covering fire offered and good progress made.

8. In defence with the FM from a frontal attack!!

9.  Our 'display' when the bunker OP wasn't being used. Note the ambulance, Sumb and jeeps in the background.  In the foreground is a layout of personal kit from the 50's.  The bull pup tents are also period and quite comfortable over the three days of the show.

Next year we anticipate to offer  a bigger display with a different theme.  All help gratefully received!!

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