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FARG find AML60 armour

We have been looking very intently at the military vehicle scene for many months now, in an effort to locate a Panhard AML 60 for the FARG group.

Unfortunately a contact in Spain found a rouge advert a little too late in a classic Spanish Collectors magazine (picture 1)

After exhaustive attempts to secure the vehicle, it has now been removed from sale and the spanish telephone number has become decommissioned.

This is a great blow to the FARG as they continue to search for period French armour.

Another lead was passed to the founder Baz and he followed this up with  Belgium company called Sabiex who refurbish military combat vehicles.  Unfortunately they have no complete vehicles for sale to private individuals.  They do although supply fully refurbished units for the same price as a small house - especially if you are an African state!

Sabiex were extremely helpful in the search and the FARG thanks Jose in particular for his support and knowledge.

Again using contacts in Spain, Baz was put in touch with a avid Spanish Collector of military vehicles.  It was established that this collector could help- as he has an AML 60 available for sale! In fact he is in need of parts for his large 40+ collection and may even take NOS parts in exchange!

The FARG are sending a representation across to Barcelona in early December.  Watch this space for further news!!

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