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Another Panhard found in barn!

After our visit to Spain to look at a Panhard AML, it was realised the vehicle offered had no interior and was not in running condition.  Engines and gearboxes are near impossible to find (if you know different please let me know!!) so there was no deal to be negotiated.

This was unfortunate as the vendor had said there were a number of engines available...

As the trail went cold we were surprised to be contacted by an englishman living in Northern France who thought he knew where a Panhard lay rusting in peace.

Upon discussion and investigation, the Panhard was formally identified and the owner expressed an interest in selling the vehicle.

Information is quite scant and I will publish more when possible, but two pictures have emerged of the vehicle locked up in a garage under a good deal of debris!

We will again be visiting this site soon and keep you updated.

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