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Panhard AML 60 slips through the net!

I visited a private 'museum'  in Northern France on a tip off that a Panhard AML60 owner was willling to sell part of his collection.

It transpires the collection is in a very poor state and in very unsuitable surroungs.

The Panhard was also in a very bad condition.  It was in a leaking garage and had been partially stripped and then left in bits for many years scattered across the floor.

The french army had very comprehensively demilitarised.  It had nearly been cut in two!  The oxy cutting tool had cut through not just the armour plate but all the internal wiring and mechnical parts inside the hull.  As you can see from the picture the frontal armour had been cut and thereby leaking molten metal into the drivers position. The entire internal cabin of the tank was also very badly smoke damaged.

The french army had also cut through the final drives in the front of the vehicle to make it totally unservicable.

Interestingly, although all this effort had been made to 'deactivate' it was still filled with ammunition boxes - hopefully empty!

Although complete the dissembling by the previous owner had meant water ingress into all the mechanical areas rendering much of the mechanics unservicable.

The owner was asking a great deal of money and would not negotiate at all, eventually changing his mind and deciding to now keep the vehicle.

This is a great shame as the vehicle will never be restored or seen by the public.  It is also frustrating that the owner was very fickle and has wasted a great deal of time and effort..

On a more positive note I have been given the lead on a 'old Marine tank' on the border with Portugal.. I will be investigating and update you all soon.. picture attached..

The hunt goes on!

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