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Panhard aml 60

After a successful visit to a classic car collection on the Portuguese / Spanish border - I have managed to secure an ex Marines Panhard AML60.

I travelled down with my IVECO support vehicle and was able to carry the Panhard back to the UK.

To the right are a few pictures of my travel back through Spain.  The whole round trip took 5 days and covered over one and half thousand miles!

The Panhard is in actually excellent shape as it has not been 'demilitarized' to the extent of French or even Spanish scrap vehicles.

The vehicle spent some of its time with the Spanish navy (as the original markings show - now painted out due to needing to pass through Spanish customs) then was demobbed in the eighties to then languish in a scrap yard in Northern Spain for a few years.  Just before the vehicle was fully 'demilitarised' i.e. cut in half with a blow torch - it was saved by a collector who returned the vehicle to his garages outside Pontevedra.

Here the owner - who bought the vehicle as scrap for the low price of 50! (but this was over 20 years ago!) started to strip the Panhard, clean out the interior and set to work on the engine, gearbox and drive train.

At this point he started another project and this consumed him for the next 15 years!. After an operation on his hips he couldn't get in or out of the vehicle and therefore when I was 'asking around' he offered the vehicle for sale to me.

The armoured car actually runs and drives, but the entire interior is stripped out.  The exterior 'bins' have a good deal of rust and will be remanufactured.

I will keep you up to date on progress of the rebuild as it progresses. 

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