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Delahaye VLRD rebuild progress

The Delahaye is undergoing a 'cosmetic' rebuild to have it ready for this years show season.

Being a 1951 vehicle and having quite a hard life, much of the original fixtures and fittings have been lost and therefore a great deal of time has been expended rebuilding these elements.

Under the shiny green paint lurked years of filler, fibreglass, plastic hession sacking stuck down with glue etc etc.

Interestingly much rubbish was found down a few nooks and crannies in the body and this turned up two spark plugs, lots of nuts and bolts, a french army screw driver, five snails, part of an oak tree and a shotgun cartridge! - oh and the fuel filler cap (thank goodness!!)

I have had to remanufacture the seat 'frame' and top hood sticks, as well as create copies of the headlamps, rear light clusters and bonnet blocks. I have had to use Willys jeep spare wheel carrier, fuel can holder and use two passenger seats, just because of the time this has saved.

The pictures show you the work involved.

1. The jeep in its purchased glory

2. The passenger foot well was rotten and had obviously supported two 'exploded batteries' in the past as the acid had eaten away all the underfloor supports as well.

3. The drivers seat being welded onto the the seat 'frames'

4. Fixing a blackout light to the top of the jeep type lights to make a Delahaye headlamp unit

5. Refixing of the 'v' shaped front cross member to take the new lights

6. Spare wheel support is Willys, but the retaining plate and 'hand tightener' is scratch built.  Notice also the rear light clusters - all scratch built.

More pictures to follow as work progresses

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