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2010 show season starts in earnest

This years show season starts for the FARG at the Trucks and Troops MVT bash at Beaulieu motor museum in the New Forest.

The dates are the last bank holiday in May (29th May  - 1st June)

New exhibits tor us this year (on the circuit) will incluide; authentic French Army 81mm Mortar pit, Fully working and drivable Delahaye Jeep (fully loaded), two FM light machine guns (one vehicle mounted - the only one in europe) - one in a support role (only the second in the uk!)

We are also exhibiting some interesting side arms (the full MAS range and MAT49) and also a parachute exhibition with all correct weaponary, kit and even a harness for supply drops (as used in Dien Bien Phu) - this will only be at the larger shows..

The increase in display items has been facilitated by the pruchase of a 13.5 ton lorry to carry the exhibits - making the range of display now much greater (than we could stuff in the back of the Audi estate!!) and will facilitate the display of up to three vehicles (and ancillary kit!) per show..

To make our presence more definable (its surprising how some people currenty think we are American wannabees!!) we have a concise banner and are actively recruiting to our ranks. 

The quiet period over the winter has been very benficial as we have recruited a few more members, have been published in some magazine articles (MVT and Skirmish to name a few) and we have forged very strong links with the 'Wild Geese' from France, an Algerian/ Indo china re-enactment group who have an extensive knowledge (and armoury!)

Other shows this year include War and Peace, Kents Military Odessey (Detling), a presence at the MVT show in Gloucestershire, Trowbrigde veterans day, Lister Tyndale Steam Ralley, etc etc.  The plan is to go 'wide scale' in 2011 - so if you have any shows you wish us to attend, please let us know!!

War and Peace is our main focus this year, and we intend to field as many members as possible - if you see us come over and make yourself known!!

See you at the next show



(founder of the FARG)

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