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Trowbridge Veterans weekend - Splendid!

The second major outing this year for the FARG.  The first was the Trucks and Troops MVT show at the national motor museum.

We arrived late Friday and after an initial concern over security of the site - the show progressed apace.

There had been some stories regarding drunken locals from a few years ago, but there was little trouble this year.

Trowbridge town council were spot on and very welcolming and ready to listen to relative feedback.  We hope this show continues - we will certainly be back next year.

As entry was free many locals stumbled upon the show and enthusiastically wondered around.  They were on the whole un aware of the differences between the forces we (the reenactors) represented.  Therefore many were confused to see French Tricolours and our quirkey kit! We were mistaken as US and the UK forces.. some even insisted we were 'GI's' when we told them we were actually french repeatedly!!

The FM and Delahaye proved very popular, and once we invited people into our 'diorama' we were mobbed by children!

The weather was hot and ice creams helped to cool us down as we lost our own body weights in sweat. A quick tour around the show lugging the FM soon made us appreciate how hard it was in ALgeria - in the searing heat, with such a heavy weapon to carry for miles upon miles.  Not grumbling - good practice for War and Peace!

Opposite are pictures of our 'transport' down and a few shots of the set up.

We now have a banner - so look out for this at the next show!!

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