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Auction of french kit in the uk

Yesterday was the auction many people had been waiting for - the BE BOYS military collection.

The Auction was streamed live from the auction site and four lots caught the eye - but unfortunately not the pocket!

The fist was a French army self propelled - tracked gun.  This sold for 7500 plus about 1k in auction costs.

The second was an AMX that had four dummy missiles on the turret and this sold for the same amount as above.

There was a Delahaye VLRD - looked like it was all there - which fetched a respectable 3800 (i believe - may have been slightly less)

Lastly a Panhard basket case (was once an AML90, but has had its turret switched) this went for 2000

The FARG bid on one of the lots but was unsuccessfull.  The prices reached seemed fair and represented the current market, so no bargains were had, but no eye watering heights were reached either.

The prices seemed a few thousand less than these had been asked on the open market before the aution - so worth a try!

If you do know the buyer of the Panhard - pass them the details of this site as I feel we may be mutually beneficial to each other (as my restoration of an AML 60 continues apace)

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