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WAR and PEACE 2010

We have just completed a 'tour of duty' of a week at W&P.

Unfortunately we were not able to occupy our designated area as a dominoe effect of people moving pitches meant we lost out!

Never mind - we were able to set up a few fields away (!) which was quite fortunate in the end as it meant our dust inhalation was kept to a minimum!

It was our biggest display to date (or one of the smallest pitches to date!) We managed to field two vehicles, a 80mm mortar, one sand bag 'bunker' and approx two weapons per each group member - one for each hand (!).

We recruited a couple more members over the week end which should allow us to deliver more convincing displays to date.

The parachute made a welcome return and our attempt to get one of our members 'airbourne' behind a jeep made quite a sight - I feel sure it will appear on the net soon!

To the right are some pictures of the event.

1. A cross section of the French Weapons on display

2. The Delahaye VLRD in action

3. A genuine Algerian veteran - who served there in 52 - 55 in the hospitals in ALgers - he was impressed how correct we had our kit!

4.....more pictures to follow....

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