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FARG membership CHARTER


This is a charter all FARG members must sign up to to allow for attendance at shows. Please read carefully.

FARG mission statement

The FARG commit to make all representations of conflict as realistic as the environment will allow. FARG will not extoll or portray activites that will distress or upset the viewing public, but all members will have a good understanding the struggle and consequencies of conflict.  FARG members are proud of their group, will uphold the charter and ensure they strive to deliver excellent displays and engaging scenarios.


Firing of all blank ammunition and the release of pyrotechnics will be announced to the public and FARG group with adequate warning

Firing of blank ammunition and the release of pyrotechnics will be only performed by trained and adequately prepared FARG members

All blank ammunition and Pyrotechnics will be released by persons over the age of 18, unless closely supervised.

No blank firing or pyrotechical releases are permitted after 9pm or before 9am

All blank ammunition and Pyrotechnics will be surrendered by all members and kept in an ammunition box in one members tent.

All weapons will be declared safe and then monitored at all times.  When the weapon is not being monitored it will be kept locked (either in a steel / wooden box) or chained to other unmovable objects and secured by padlock.

Weapons will not be given to the public in a cocked condition and the public will not be encouraged to act irresponsibly with the weapon. Blank firing weapons will not be given to the public to handle.

Members of the public will not be invited (or removed) from within the display area once weapons are being fired, or pyrotechnics released. (even bank ammunition can wound or kill – or at least cause perminant hearing loss)


Only those with full uk licences are permitted to drive vehicles, unless fully supervised by the owner of the vehicle.

Vehicle movements will be kept to a minimum during 9- 5 and any movement will be announced before it happens to ensure no public or FARG are in danger from its movement.

No driving of vehicles are permitted after the consumption of alcohol


Alcohol is not to be consumed within sight of the public between the hours of 9 -5 (it is permitted at designated drinking areas – beer tent – after 13.00hrs, please see below)

Alcohol will not be consumed before 13.00 hrs each day. Excessive drinking creating anti social behaviour will result in that person being tasked with extra duties the next day! Any FARG members who are ‘worse for wear’ will not interact with the public.

No drinking is to be permitted inside vehicles either on the way to or on the way back from shows. It increases the risk of being stopped by the police, and explaining away a private army isn’t easy!

Morning Parade / ORDERS Of the DAY (OOD)

All FARG members are to attend a morning parade at 09.00 hrs for ‘orders of the day’ Attendance must be in full kit ready for the days activities.  Those not in attendance will be ‘ rescued’ from their tents and placed on parade!

These are a set of instructions for the day and will be executed by the FARG members to the best of their abilities. Contained within OOD will be;

1.       Responsibilities for members for that day including, sentry duty (e.g. the guarding of kit and weapons, this will be on a rotational basis throughout the day), cleaning duties, cooking details and free time

2.       The timing and locations for ‘exercises or displays’ for the public.  All members are to attend with the specified kit

3.       Dress code for day, including what can be worn and not worn during that day

4.       Patrols leaving the pitch (e.g. shopping, bath room etc) including timings and members


At the end of the day (5pm) there will be a stand down parade in which the days activities will be discussed and tasks for the evening discussed. This will be informal and apart from securing tasks, FARG members are free to pursue any activity they wish after this point.

FARG members will not be allowed to leave the pitch unless authorised to do so by the sentry for that day. The sentry therefore has knowledge of who is where at all times and will be the key representative for the FARG during that stag.


All members will be expected to assist in some capacity for the preparation maintenance or execution of the display. This will be matched to that persons skills and resources available.  Those with transport will be expected to use it to offer lifts and carry equipment where necessary.

At the end of a show all FARG members will be present to dismantle the display – notice will be given so individuals can square away personal tasks before committing to dismantling. Absence is not permitted. Each member will actively pursue finding a roll to execute, ‘watching’ is not involvement! Guidance will be given by the vehicle owners to what needs to go where.


Each FARG member will not express  views publically of a radical political, racial, sexual or ageist standpoint whilst representing the group. Any member whilst in uniform or representing the group will be expelled immediately if he/she delivers or comments in a racist, sexist, ageist or overtly radically political way. FARG is an equal opportunity group and will no support this type of behaviour.

Each FARG member will not extoll or ‘take lightly’ the roles of terrorism, torture and genocide in the conflicts they represent. The FARG group will in no way portray any activity that represents any of the above.


Kit for that day will be specified at the morning parade, but all members must equip themselves

Formal parades attended by FARG members will be planned, and all members attending will ensure they are dressed alike and carry weapons if so designated.  An attempt to fly the French flag will be made to distinguish FARG from other similarly dressed armies.

FARG members will not be allowed to represent the group infront of the public until they have at least; Olive drab or green trousers, jacket or shirt. Headdress of an agreed type and brown/ black hi leg boots. It is preferred all members dress alike where possible and mixes of camouflage and plain dress is not encouraged unless in a specified representation.

Kit will be worn in a clean condition (at the outset of the show), and every effort is to be made to keep a uniform appearance with other FARG members, personalisation of kit is permitted but civilian items are not to be visible between 9 and 5.

Tents/ accommodation is to be well disguised if civilian, or will be pitched away from the main display site.

Theft / unauthorised borrowing of kit is not permitted.  Any items must be requested from the owner first before use.

French language is encouraged during interaction with the public to give a realistic atmosphere


Each member must secure their own Public Liability Insurance or they will not be able to join the display - these details and application can be found at ...(address to be supplied) It only costs £15 for a whole year and covers the individual at any show they attend. There may well also be a contribution towards fuel costs for those transporting members or kit – please just offer what you can before you are asked.


Non attendance at pre-booked shows will need to be notified in advance so adequate remedial planning can take place.

It is important we increase our numbers, and therefore each FARG member is encouraged to try and recruit new people when possible.  Each new member will be simply vetted by a panel and all rights of admission are reserved. Any legal convictions will need to be made public to the panel before consideration.

Members can be expelled, but only after consideration by the entire FARG membership.  FARG members will be asked to vote and more than 50% for or against will decide the outcome. Expelled members can be re admitted with consideration at a later date by the panel.

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