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Hotchkiss M201 purchase and rebuild

For the show season this year we thought it would be interesting to present a 'fully loaded' 1960's hotchkiss jeep in correct markings and kit.

It is intended to exhibit it with full radio kit, weapons and all the period extras you would find on a Hotchkiss in the early 60's.


Follow the detailed restoration over thecoming months as the Hotchkiss is mechanically overhauled and cosmetically returned to its original state.

Blog1. Find a jeep

With todays internet it is easy to find Hotchkiss Jeeps for sale - the likes of Milweb and various forums make finding jeeps relatively easy.

We had a very limited budget - working on the premise that if we could get a rough running jeep the labour (and to a certain extent) the parts would come cheap!

The budget was set at a low figure and this meant immediately all UK jeeps were out of budget and the search needed to extend elsewhere.

Europe is the best place for a hotchkiss - but there is a growing number of collectors who swallow up jeeps very rapidly - so you need to act quickly. This ends up with you committing to purchase a jeep in another country without driving it  or sometimes seeing it! - always a risk!

Eventually a jeep was found within budget on the net and after an email exchange a deal was struck.

The pictures didn't look too bad - but as military vehicle collectors will tell you - mat olive drab can hide a multitude of sins!

The picture attached is the jeep picture of it advertised.

The next blog- the visit and purchase....

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