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overfuelling and under skilled - Dodge blog

The MOT date came and went and the Dodge didn't make it.  It ran fine on idle, even drove 1/3 of the way there ok and then gave up and refused to run and produced vast amounts of black smoke. Add to this the pressure guage dropped off the scale and a very strong smell of fuel...

Basically rebuilding the Zenith carb I had followed the instructions of adjusting the float heights to approx 1 inch and a bit.  This meant that the carb was over fuelling, and petrol ran into the bores and then subsequently into the sump diluting the oil, reducing oil pressure and making the engine into something akin to a large petrol bomb...

This meant the plugs were sopping wet and the truck was so badly flooded it wouldn't start.  Great annoyance to locals in their euro bubble run arounds who showed their displeasure with horn hoots and shaking of fists (idiots) as I blocked the A370..

Eventually I limped back to the garage and whipped the head off the carb, adjusted the floats to be 1/4 cm lower and we were back in business.. the truck now runs well, but there are still a few coughs every couple of minutes..

I adjusted the timing by rotationg the dizzy to where the engine ran the fastest - then retarded it (turned clockwise) about 1/8 of an inch to avoid pinking under load.  I went back to the idle air screw and backed it off until the revs picked up again and then turned down the idle speed screw to reduce the revs back to the 'dodge' gurgle at turnover (about 850 - 950 revs a minute).

I called the garage and the MOT is booked for tom at 3.30.  This gave me time to grease the chassis.

OK jeeps have about 29 grease nipples to play with - the dodge - no matter how much I looked only had about 24 - even the one on the water pump didn't escape me!!

Oiling was interesting as there are numerous spring loaded caps around the place (dizzy and generator for example) and these little touches show how the vehicle was designed for longevity - and manual servicing rather than sealed diposable units that populate todays modern mechanics on cars.

I then turned to dropping the oil out the engine.  It ran out fine, and the drain plug was clear of swarf - good.  But it wasn't clear of a collet! Yes there was half of a collet set attached to the magnetic sump plug! Oh dear! I had checking the gaps on the valves / tappets and the springs were all in place and behaving themselves - the only thing I can think is that someone had clumseley dropped a collet when the springs were changed in the past and lost it in the black hole that was the sump! I went to fill with new oil after replacing the filter (out went the rubbish paper filament and in went the lovely french metal type as used in Hotchkiss jeeps) and then a sudden panic - what oil should I be using??

I guesed it should be mineral oil, but what viscosity?  I went for 20w - 40w in the end, as its never going to see any winter work and this higher viscosity oil would help keep the pressure high in the engine ( and it did - we now have over 40lbs at 3k revs!)

One thing to improve on the dodge is the drain plug for the axles.  Its like a pin hole when the filler plug you could get a few fingers in!! What a weird design!!

In went 80 - 90w gear oil (which is hypoid, and Extreme Pressure - EP  -  even if it doesn't bother to say on the container these days!) - Yes I did call the helpline on the back of the bottle to check!!

OMG how much oil goes in the gearbox?? I put in about 4 half litres and it was no where near filled!  In the end it was over six 1 litre gear oil bottles..whats happening in that gearbox that needs so much!!?

There all done - also with 3/4 pint of gear oil in the steering box - job done..

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