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Trowbridge Veterans Day - Wiltshire..

The FARG attended the Veterans Day celebrations in Trowbridge, as part of this years (2011) Forces Celebration events.

The show was held in the central park in Trowbridge, just off the town centre.  It is free to all the inhabitants of Trowbridge and was very well attended by the town folk.

The weather was extremely hot (in the direct sunlight) but our location was excellent, slightly in shade and intresting backdrop.

The entire show was very well attended by many reenactment groups and the council were very welcomng and organised the show extremely well.

At one point it did get slightly surreal when we had dinner in a busy pub in full regalia and armed to the teeth - the bouncers didn't seem to have any issue!

Next year FARG are being placed at centre stage next to the band stand (a coveted position) so we need to pull out all the stops!

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