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War and Peace 2011 - our 4th year

Farg attended their 4th ever War and Peace this year.  Our pitch was better than ever, with a reserved space and a turn out of 5 core members with three more 'coming and going'.

On show were various hand held weapons - the dodge and a small encampment/ OP.

The numbers of punters were high at the shpw as a whole, although we were not on a main route so foot fall by spectators was limited to a few hundred over the weekend.

Thanks to all the members especially Wayne for securing the plot before the main body of men arrived, oh, and all out mint teas!!.

We did notice a rising number of french reenactors this year, but many were 'one man bands' and even more were actual french or dutch - so press ganging them to join us was hard!

Thanks also to the french contingent (french US army reenactors)  who introduced us to 'Kepi Blancs' a mix of Ricard, brandy and a following slug of calvados - the hang over this produced was indescribable!!

Interest in out portrayal was again high as we offer an alternative to the endless German and American groups. We forged very strong links with the SouthAafrican Defence Force who had an excellent display fielding an Eland armoured car - very similar to the Panhard we are currently restoring.

The amount of french army kit recently released was high this year - so an excellent time to gather relevantbasic  kit (if anyone needs an M47 jacket in a large size - get in contact - I have a large number!) but rare kit and oddities were few - so dissappointing for those avid collectors out there.

It was a shame to see so many hotchkiss jeeps marked as US at the show, but hopefully we can reverse this trend as people realise the actual history of a french vehicle is more interesting than an invented US one!!

We look forward to the next show - A military oddessey and hope to see you there!


A run down of the pictures to the right;

1. Our youngest recruit manning the FM ready to repell the hoards

2. The FM display - with a sign saying; 'NOT a Bren!'

3. A view across the front of the site

4. Stand to at breakfast

5. Our oldest member trying to remember where he is...  he he

6. Someone checking his cider hoard is still intact...

7. The Dodge after being thoroughly inspected by rivet counters the whole weekend! I have a sneaky feeling there is something rare about this one....

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