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Air filters and final drives - a tale of two tank parts.. Panhard AML60

This month the focus has been back on the Panhard AML60 and getting it ready for its first test drive some time over the winter.

I checked the drive shafts coming out the gearbox to the final drive units on each of the four wheels.  I did notice there were' flail guard's on the propshafts, to stop them coming loose and crashing into the fuel tank ( they travel alongside the fuel tank inside the hull).  his is standard practive on all rotating shafts in aircraft design, as was good to see on an old armoured car!

It soon became apparent that the right hand side drive shaft was a later fitted item as the flail guard refused to fit over it.

Therefore I took the drive shaft out to replace with one from the donor vehicle.  As the original drive shaft came out the final drive housing it brought with it 49 needle bearings that dropped straight on the floor and 1/3 of them rolled under the inaccessible gearbox.. typical!

After I fished them out, it became clear they were rusted and broken.

Therefore the final drive unit from the spares vehicle had to come out and rob it of the bearings.  What a polava! Eventually it came out - pictures to the right.. and the bearings removed and transferred to the new vehicle.

Fully greased and in place the replacement driveshaft was installed and the flail guards refitted - lovely.  The final drive units were actually empty of lubrication, so initially I wanted to add EP90 hypoid oil, but after a translation of the handbook I found in Spain (long story) it seems the gearbox and final drives use heavy engine oil!  Against my better judgement I used as was suggested in the hand book... well see what happens there..

Now this was complete I moved on to air filters..

I managed to source four airfilters, but all were in poor condition - fortunatley they have very simple instructions printed on them on how to clean them out (see if you can work it out!!)

The metal casings were sanded, resprayed and dents removed. See picture to right.

I then worked at reassembling the ancilleries of the engine and adding the necessary air filter pipework to fit the airfilters at a later date.

Things look very much better in the engine bay - but still a great deal of work left to go..

Next are refitting the wheels, exhaust pipes and rewire ready for the first test drive..

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