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Solve idling problems with your jeep..

I have helped a few people (and myself!) over the last few years to solve issues with rough - or even non existant! - idling on jeeps.

There are a wide number of reasons you have rough idling, misfires or even non running of willys, ford and hotchkiss jeeps.

I thought I would make my experiences known to you all - and although it doesn't cover absolutely everything - my problem solving table covers about 90% of the issues you will come across.

I know how to check and solve most of these issues - and I will add this column in due course - but for those of you frustrated at an issue, or have never dealt with this sort of thing before - this table is a good starter in what you need to check!.

If any of you out there wish to add to the table let me know and we can build up an online database to help those who are new to the hobby - or those of us who have 'senior moments' or have problems of seeing through the red mist of ; I've done everything possible - why doesn't it run properly!!!!?'

Happy problem solving

area cause cause root cause
Fuel Mixture Too much fuel Wrong float hieght in carb
Idle screw screwed in too much
Carb mechanical failure
Timing incorrect
Broken / failing valve
Broken/ failing cam
Fuel pump pumping too much fuel
Fuel cut off valve in carb failed/ blocked
Wrong type of fuel pump - pumping too much fuel due to lever profile incorrect
Too much air Wrong idle screw setting - out too much
Carb not flush against manifold - air intake
Fuel bowl loose - air intake
Fuel line loose - air intake
Manifold loose - air intake
Manifold cracked - air intake
Fuel pump not assembled correctly - air intake
Crank breather not attached - air intake
Carb jets blocked
Failure of inlet manifold letting in exhaust gasses through heat exchange 
Timing incorrect
Not enough Fuel Pump broken
Fuel line blocked
fuel tank blocked (hotchkiss tanks have fuel strainer in bottom of tank - this can block easily)
Fuel evaporation - engine too hot - blockage or failure of thermostat
No fuel in tank
Bad fuel/ water ingress etc
Leak in fuel line
Carb jets blocked
CAM pump node badly worn/ broken
Fuel filter blocked
Flexible pipe from body to engine breaking down inside / collapsed
too much air - see above
Not enough air Air filter blocked
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