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Finishing touches to the exterior Panhard AML 60

The Panhard AML is now nearing completion.  After a good clear out of the workshop - I can now see the vehicle!

 I have added a chain to the fuel filer cap as its a relatively easily attached and I would think with a ride over rough land you would loose it.  Under the filler cap is a secondary brass sealing cap that needs the use of a large hexagonal key to remove. Not what I would called intuitive but will at least stop any fuel theft!

All the pioneer tools have been refurbished and added to the front using original leather straps I found at War and Peace - they were in a bundle, all correctly marked and ready to fit - quite an extraordinary find.

Also at war and peace I found the original wing mirrors and front light clusters.  I have a feeling they were shared with some small type of french military lorry.

The  headlamps are next on the list to do.  I found the headlamp lenses at JEEP SUD EST but the original lamp bowls although jeep like are not the same and have a sturdy rivetted mounting stem.  The originals should clean up ok and will be ok once sprayed.

One good news story about visiting JEEP SUD EST was I found an original windscreen - still in the case. This is shown in the third picture.  The windscreen folds up and sits under a protective 'cage' on the right wing. Quite a delicate object to be kept on the outside of the vehicle, and obviously they went missing quite regularly, so again a very fortunate find in the depths of the treasure trove that JSE is.

Finally an original light and shroud found on the internet.  These lights look very similar to the WW2 american design as seen on the smaller armoured tanks and armoured cars. The white object on the edge of the lamp is an owl feather!  The barn owl flew in, pitched on the lamp, had a pooh and then regurgitated a pellet - all on the new paintwork.  Nice.

I have had issues with the accelerator cable as it has numerous kinks and therefore doesn't 'relax' correctly when you let off the acc. pedal.  This is next for investigation and fixing..

Hopefully the tank will be ready for the show season - make sure you come up and make yourself known if you see us!

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