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Like a candle in the wind...

It has been a while since my update - have been focussing on the snag list on the rebuilt hotchkiss as seen on the sales pages.  The good news is - this has been all sorted now and the jeep is now in fine fettle.

Also a recent barn  find Hotchkiss created some interest as we located a totally original jeep with all un-obscured markings in a barn in Normandy. It's pretty rare to get a jeep that hasn't been mucked about with or had its identity masked by a rebuild.  I intend to perhaps keep this jeep as an example of what jeeps looked like whilst in service - they often had a few dings and scrapes to the body and paint work!? There is no MALT plate or rebuild from a dealer - so good to see it with its original factory fitted engine and body.  Of course you could twist my arm if you were keen on a (tired!) yet original hotchkiss! It comes with markings from its time in a cavalry regiment - pictures will follow soon.

Meanwhile the rebuild of the Panhard has slowed awaiting the delivery of the renewed accelerator cable.  This has now arrived from Speedy cables and the quality of workmanship is A1.  I shall be fitting this next month.

Meanwhile those of you with a keen eye - I know you are out there! - will have noticed that last months updates on the Panhard rebuild showed a distinct lack of front headlamps - see pictures to right!

I was trawling the net and came across, by accident, an ad for some 'GMC' headlamps.  Upon closer inspection they looked very familiar and after comparing the picture to the one I had taken from the Bovington Panhard (currently in the workshops and not in the halls!) I could clearly see these were what I was looking for.

I contacted the vendor (in france of course!) and he stated he also had the Infra Red headlamps from the Panhard, but didn't think anyone would be interested.  I immediately dispatched funds to him and they arrived three days later in a box with the control switched and spare bulbs as well.

I had no idea I would be able to locate these original lamps and look forward to fitting this week end.  It goes to show that trawling the internet does pay off! (Ebay.fr in case you are interested!)

I'll update you next month..

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