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Dodge WC completed at last..

The Dodge has had to take a back seat recently, but with some enlisted help, the Dodge is now just about completed.

The engine was always a bit 'tired' and there was an awful lot of sand in very crack, crevace of the running gear -  and more importantly the fuel tank.. each time it ran at full tilt the fuel became loaded with sediment. Although I tried using paper filters, there was no guarantee all the sand was filtered out.  Eventually the engine was burining oil and it emitted fumes into the driving space from the breather / oil filler cap.

This all added up to a poorly performing and worn engine - time for an over haul.

Due to time and family constraints the work to rebuild the engine was outsourced to an engineering company.

They started by cleaning the engine and removing the years of dirt and grime from the oily underneath - again more sand came to light.. probably from some time it may have spent in a desert (??)

The engine has now been rebuilt, new pistons, a rebore and all the ancilleries overhauled.  Eventually the block was finished in Ford grey.

I purchased a new 'old stock' carb from france - and a unused exhaust manifold from Belgium (I picked up at War and Peace)

The original Zenith was very worn (due to all the sand passing through it?) and the floats were a little 'battered'. The outlet manifold seemed ok but when hot very slight black tracks appeared in two places.  These turned out to be hairline cracks that expanded when hot - a known issue.  Its impossible to weld the cracks on a manifold as the carbon content is very high in the steel due to the hot exhaust gas action on the metal.. therefore it needed the new manifold.

In the original vehicle the fuel pump had been replaced by electronic pumps.  The original had been by passed, but upon examination it was just the diaphram had perished, so with a rebuild kit, the original pump was back in action.

Althought the full fuel system was cleaned - I felt it prudent to fit a post market diesel filter to keep any unwanted nasties out of the new engine! See the 4th and 5th picture..

To finish off the truck it really needed a new canvas roof.  A Worthing canvas was fitted and some link matting in the rear to stop undue wear on the original fluted floor panel.  This matting allows the floor to dry should it get wet, and with the new canvas the Dodge was ready for its annual MOT.

This it failed as I had unwittedly wired the headlamps up the wrong way around and it was on full beam when it should be dipped.  A quick swop of wires and we were home bound with a fresh MOT.

The last two pictures are a before and after.

I have been driving the dodge now around my home city - and it pulls really well - this has exposed the next needed job - the brakes!! Pulling up 3.5 tons really does need a good set of 'anchors' !


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