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Hotchkiss M201 rebuild blog 1

It's about that time of year again..idle hands etc etc.

I have decided to rebuild another Hotchkiss jeep that had been languishing in the back of the barn for a while.

I intend to place a few blogs covering off some aspects of the ongoing rebuild. Hopefully it wil be ready for the show season this year (2013)

Firstly here's a picture of the jeep from a few years ago...

It's a 1962 bog standard M201 - rebuilt in the 70's and then used as a hack in the North of France for a long while.

When I bought it it was running (not very well) stopping (not very well) - but had a beautifully smooth gearbox.

Notches in the steering wheel shows it had at least 4 conscript drivers at some point, hopefuly some markings will be discovered as it gets rebuilt and give me a clue of its history.

All I know for now it was sold by Les Domaines in the early 90's at an auction in Lille.

The head has now come off to investigate the low compression on cylinder 3 - it sounded rough when running and holding the spark plugs after a few minutes indicated number 3 was cold when the rest were hot - something amiss!  A quick turning the engine over with the spark plug out and we have a spark through the cable and plug - so its not electrical.

A drop of oil in the number three bore didn't raise the pressure on the next pressure test (usually a sign the bores are worn/ worn rings, or issues with piston). so it must be valves..

As the head came off it was clear to see the issue - one of the valve seats had come away in number three cylinder - you could see that an earlier owner (the military?) had tried to weld the seat back in, but it was having none of it.

It's and engine out job and away for full rebuild..

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