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Panhard complete - ready for show season

At last the Panhard AML 60 is  now complete.


It's been a few hard years full of trials an tribulations, but we at last complete.

4 Panhard's have gone into this completed model, varying from simple interior parts to wiring looms and fuel tanks.


I think this is now (not the only) but the most complete running Panhard in the UK and after this effort, will be my last AML restoration due to the time and effort needed.


As you can see the main armaments have been added now as has the main sighting optics, and inside 14 ammo boxes and numerous 60mm dummy mortar rounds.

Twin GPMGS and a fully recreated low pressure mortar have been installed as have all the external lights, pioneer tools and towing shackles.  There is only two things still missing, the towing rope (in steels) and the PTO compressor.  Both of which are available but at vey high prices,,, probably better to wait and see if the prices drop - as there isn't much demand currently!

The first show we will attend with the armour will be Horndean Solent Overlord show at the end of MAY - look out for us then.

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