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Panhard AML - grand outing

The Panhard AML attended at this years War and Peace in Kent.


It was a hot, dusty (and thirsty!) affair.

The Panhard was using approx. 5 miles to the gallon off road, but we had an excellent run 'on road' and the old girl reached the dizzy heights of 90 KPH.

I had an 'informal' race with a Ferret and although the ferret pulled away quicker and went up through the gears easier, the Panhard was excellent at its dizzying top speed and out ran the Ferret over a three mile stretch.


I don't think I will try that speed again, as it was quite a white knuckle ride when it hit any pot holes etc - as I found out after, one of the steering dampers has split due to having no real use for years then at the hands of an 'enthusiastic' driver!


New part sourced - and we are off again.


The next show will be a few local ones to support local charities.


Here's a few stills - but feel free to view the Panhard in action at;


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