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Latest discovery in a barn - un modified M201 straight from auction

Welcome to 2014 all of you!

On a recent trip to Brittany, I was introduced to a Doctor through an owner of a 4x4 garage and told he had an old jeep in his barn.

The jeep had spent a while in a leaking  side-less barn, and it transpired the vehicle had been bought in 1996, used off road for a while on a farm and then parked up for the next 14 years!

It wasn't registered and still had its original auction papers from a sale in Brittany direct from the military.  The owner had at some point tried to address the surface rust issues by using some silver paint! so as you can see it looks as if it has a 5 tone camo pattern - green brown black silver and rust!

The brakes were seized, the fuel tank rotted out, but it came with its original full weather kit and radio trays and rear seat.

I dragged it back to the uk where we set about removing the sump, cleaning out the inches of thick old oil. A regrease and freeing off the brakes was straight forward, so after a clean out of the fuel lines  (including inches of muck in the fuel strainer) it was good to go.  It started first time and ran very sweetly.  The charge rate was excellent and everything worked on it as they should. 

The jeep had been made in the 60's but was rebuilt in the 70's and actually had a very low mileage - so mechanically it was sound, it was just the years of being exposed to the elements in the damp barn had taken its toll on the body work and windscreen.

To find a jeep that hasn't really been used since it was auctioned off in the 90's is quite rare, so I have decided to give it a full rebuild back to its 1960's specification over the coming months.  Keep an eye out for developments on these pages.

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